Mom-Preneurs of the Wild

Here you will find a list of businesses born out of the wild hearts of mothers. Women who, like you, crave a world that is aligned with mother nature. A world full of products that are safe for our families, the earth, and that are created to honor nature and all of its beautiful mysteries. Created by women whose hearts mirror yours ~ brave, strong, curious, fanciful, and bursting with wildflowers, herbs, crystals, and streams. Women who honor the spirit of nature and all of its inhabitants and wish to make the world a better place for their children and their many generations that will come after them. 

The following list was created to promote mother owned businesses that meet the following criteria:

~business is mom owned

~business works with natural elements or strives to promote nature or the connection to nature in some form, fashion, or way

~business is current, active, and within good social standing in community

  1. caroline holm ( (poetry)
  2. Moonrise Creek (makeup/ apothecary)
  3. olakinomama's (collagen gummies)
  4. Home | Sara’s Knotted Creations ( (macrame)
  5. Home Goods | Cultivate Jax | United States (Jacksonville, Fl neighborhood supply store for handmade goods)
  6. TheWovenWildStudio - Etsy (nature inspired wool paintings)