Placenta encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation


*services available only for those who live around the Jacksonville/ St. Augustine, Florida area* 


Placenta Encapsulation, done in the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM), is the process of steaming the placenta over warming herbs & spices, followed by dehydrating it and then grinding it into a fine powder and encapsulating it in vegetable based capsules. According to TCM the heating of the placenta is thought to increase warming, yang energy, in order to balance the cold, yin energy, that is prevalent postpartum. 


*Certified in Blood Borne Pathogens through 

OSHA (Operational Safety and Health Administration), so you can have the peace of mind that your placenta is processed with the highest professional standards of cleanliness and safety.*


Reported benefits that women have include:

  • an increase in milk production, 
  • improved happiness in their mood,
  • decrease in postpartum depression or baby blues,
  • and an increase in energy levels
The placenta contains a plethora of healing stem cells, as well as a large amount of iron. It is a nutrient powerhouse and consuming it allows for the new mom to replenish her body postpartum and strengthen herself from the inside out. Here at Nettles Herbs we take this one step farther by adding in nutrient dense herbs to the final capsules ~ such as organic nettle leaf, which is a blood cleansing herb that is full of essential vitamins and minerals. 


For additional information about placenta consumption follow this link:

The Evidence on Placenta Encapsulation (


How it works (delivery and pick up)


What you need: A small cooler, and two-gallon sized Ziplock bags.


Once your baby is born and you have your placenta in your possession, contact Nettles Herbs to arrange a time for pick up. During this time please be sure your placenta is either kept refrigerated or on ice. You may use your Ziplock bags for storage, and your small cooler for transport.

Your placenta will either be picked up from you directly at the hospital, or from your home, depending on which is easier for you. 

The processing time is typically three days (I.e. placenta is picked up Monday, the capsules will be ready on Wednesday). 


Home delivery is an option for an additional $25 service fee. 


  • Placenta capsules with cord keepsake $200
  • Placenta capsules with added organic nettle leaf $215
  • Placenta capsules with tincture $250
  • Delivery fee $25


 All placentas come with a cord keepsake and anywhere from 100-250 pill capsules depending on the size of your placenta. 


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*services available only for those who live around the Jacksonville/ St. Augustine, Florida area* 


**All services are performed by Tabi Nettles, Birth Doula CD(DONA), OSHA certified, Clinical Herbalist **