• Nettles Herbs formulates herbal products for your home and the body in small batches using only high quality, good for you ingredients with a focus on the Earth and sustainability. Natural products made using herbs.

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Hand mixed for the whole person


An ocean of drops...

 We believe that every person can (and does!) truly make a difference. One of the many ways we try to make ours is by reducing our carbon footprint by as much as possible. We accomplish this by spending a little extra on materials that are manufactured from natural, or re-usable ingredients such as glass, cardboard, & compostable paper. Striving to create as little waste as possible, we stick to the basics: using only what we need and cutting the ‘fluff.’

If I could I would give Tabi 10 stars! She’s knowledgeable, wise, and just so pleasant to work with! Tabi gets to understand who you are and puts together great products for whatever life may throw at you. I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from her teas down to her tinctures and just pure knowledge!!!! She’s amazing!

Elle Bonilla, Virginia

Tabi is such a talented and wonderful woman. She has so much knowledge and I love working with her!

Her steam services are affordable and awesome. Tabi is compassionate and makes you feel seen, safe and supported.

I am so glad the universe brought you into my life! Thank you for being you! I definitely recommend Tabi's wonderful services to anyone!

Grethe Fremo-Bjorn, Norway

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Tabi. She’s knowledgeable and kind. She addresses concerns with wisdom and compassion. Tabi arranged for me to have everything I need for Yoni steaming. It’s so wonderful to have access to a talented herbalist. I’ve recommended her services to my friends and clients.

Tammy Kantor, New Jersey

Promoting the body’s innate vitality is the mission of Nettles Herbs. We know that healing is not only about the body, but about the mind & soul as well. We aim to create products that are a direct reflection of the inherent wisdom of nature and our body’s innate ability to heal. We create products that work with the body and it’s natural functions, focusing on the whole person rather than a part. We take into account the plants actions, chemical constituents, as well as the plants underlying energetics and how it affects a person’s constitution.  

Put some salve on it

Bug bite? Burn? Rash? Put some salve on it! This salve is created using a local Florida wildflower called Spiderwort. It has an amazing ability to lessen the irritation of bug bites and stings, as well as soothe inflamed tissues!