The Art of Remembering

Each generation of humans have brought their own unique set of insights, lessons, and global shifts. Our civilizations have intellectually advanced more in the past 100 years than it has since the beginning of time. With these new discoveries we as human beings have been able to see, learn, do, and accomplish feats that seemed impossible or unheard of only a century ago. Today we see our society continually progressing, while simultaneously our mental, physical, & emotional bodies are regressing. 

We are at a point in time where our children are sicker than ever before; where stress and anxiety run rampant through every community and at every age, and people are so connected to technology, but disconnected from the natural world. The beautiful conclusion from all of this is that because we as a society are chronically burnt out, many are beginning to wake up to this mechanical system of living and with great consciousness change their path. 

There is a collective of individuals who are tapping into the ancestral knowledge of remembering what being a human being is all about. Remembering the interconnection of plants and people. The value of healthy soil, using herbs as health allies, and the importance of working together as a community and supporting one’s neighbors. We’re seeing a large number of individuals returning back to their roots and reviving ancient practices of living. Remembering the interconnection of the body and mind, and the energy between humans and the outdoors. A great return back to nature; working alongside the natural world rather than against it.

You see, this way of living is not new.Using herbs to aid the body’s health is not a new idea. Permaculture is not a new idea. Working together as a community is not a new idea. We are simply remembering; which is why when one begins living in this way it brings about a deep fulfillment and comfort. There is a soul level understanding that a healthy, sustainable life is cultivated by our direct relationship to nature. 

The more disconnected we become from nature, the more time we spend staring at screens, eating processed foods, and not letting our bare feet touch the earth, the more unhappy we as a society become. 

There’s a saying in the herbal community, “if you get stung by a plant then the plant to cure the sting is growing nearby.” This is no phenomenon. Nature is wise and produces all that we as human beings need in order to thrive. Once we connect back to the earth there is an inherent wisdom that arises from within. A feeling of understanding combined with a sense of ease. 

Those who have already begun remembering are familiar with the feeling described. Like a tug on your soul and a knowing in your gut, working in harmony with the natural world provides a soul level comfort. So if you’ve been called to plants -called to healing, called to return to nature- listen to that call. Listen to the ancient wisdom that is gathering within you, for it is your ancestors asking you to remember.