Meet the creator behind Nettles Herbs

My story of herbalism is unique in the way that it branched off of another passion of mine- birth. I was a practicing birth doula who was tired of a failed system. Women’s health options are lacking in so many ways, and many women are left with little to no help from basic ailments. I heard a podcast that mentioned vaginal steaming… and from there I felt I found a promising hope for women worldwide. Once I became certified to do vaginal steams I realized that in order to fully help the women I was working with I would need to learn more about the herbs I was using, which made me happy, because from a young age I was drawn to plants and found it mesmerizing how people used them in medicinal and spiritual ways. The older I grew the more interested I became in caring for plants and creating healthy soil and environments; learning all I could about creating the healthiest earth around me and my children. It made sense for me therefore to immerse myself in the herbal world and learn all I possibly could, so that I in turn could help heal women further. 

Once I began studying herbalism I then realized that this is what I was meant to do all along. With herbs I have found a way to bridge my passion for plants, astrology, and health. I have studied clinical herbalism, as well as astro herbalism, and feel that I have a greater understanding of human beings as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. I still work within the birthing community where I support women through both birth and postpartum, but would like to share the wisdom and power of herbal medicine with all walks of life, which is why Nettles Herbs was created. I am a mom of three beautiful souls who aims to make the world better for them and all the future generations. I am honored that you are here letting me help you. Thank you. 


Tabi Nettles