Nettle Tincture

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Highlighted actions: tonic, alterative 

The good stuff:

  • Cleanses the blood 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Aids hair growth
  • Tightens blood vessels 

  • Nettle has long been used to cool inflamed tissues and purify the blood and is likely one of the most nutritious plants in western herbalism. This herb builds the blood through nutrient rich content, & detoxifies the blood of stagnation & accumulation of metabolic wastes. Nettle has a preference for moist conditions within the body & operates directly on the kidneys & urinary tract as a diuretic; effectively expelling water from tissues & draining moisture from the body. Commonly it is indicated for arthritic conditions, hair, skin & nails, seasonal allergies, UTI’s, boosting milk supply, kidney restoration, restoring underfunctioning organs, malnutrition, reproductive health, & tonifying the tissues within the body. A constitutionally cooling & drying herb, nettle is perfect for those who tend to run hot with excess moisture in the form of water retention or oily skin & hair. 

Constituents: acids, amines, lignans, flavonoids, sterols, tannins, glucoquinones, vit A, B2. B5, C, K, chlorophylls a and b, dietary fiber & proteins, iron

Actions: anti-inflammatory, astringent, alterative, galactagogue, rubefacient, tonic, diuretic, nutritive, anti-allergic, anti-rheumatic, hypotensive, antiseptic, circulatory stimulant 

  • Ingredients:  Organic nettle leaf, organic alcohol
  • 1 oz amber glass bottle with dropper 



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