Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Forewing Earrings - Unique and Fragile Jewelry for Nature Lovers - Preserves the Beauty of These Stunning Butterflies

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Yellow Swallowtail butterfly forewing earrings 

Each wing is unique and therefore may contain perfect imperfections. 
They are coated in a thin resin which helps to preserve the integrity, as well as the fragility, of the wing.

These wings are from the Swallowtail butterfly and are created from butterflies that have already completed their life cycle.

Each butterfly is found in nature which means the supply is limited to the seasons and elements ~ the wings pictured may not be the EXACT ones you receive because each butterfly is unique, therefore there may be some slight variations. 


Wild harvested Eastern Tiger Swallowtail forewing wings coated in resin

100% copper jewelry