Aries Zodiac Tincture

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Highlighted actions: nervine, cooling to the tissues 

The good stuff: 

  • Specifically created to aid in calming that fiery Aries within you
  • Relaxes nerve  tension & stress within the body
  • Helps to ground & restore natural energy 

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac & is ruled by the planet Mars. Those who embody Aries tend to be very fiery, bold individuals, often with a lot of energy & enthusiasm. With their gifts of ambition, also come a tendency to burn themselves out. Aries individuals are prone to excessive thinking, chronic stress & adrenal fatigue, weakened immunity & digestive complaints from chronic stress, & a quick temper. With that in mind, this tincture was created. 

Nettle makes up a majority of this formula. Being ruled by Mars, Nettle is sympathetic to the Aries constitution. With its ability to cleanse the blood, Nettle strengthens, replenishes, & builds up an Aries, & its high iron content helps to decrease fatigue.

Ashwagandha works to strengthen & repair the nervous system from the inside out, while skullcap works to relax tight tissues due to stress, as well as quiet the brain. 

Passionflower is traditionally used to settle chronic thoughts, especially those that just seem to loop & won’t go away. It’s also commonly used for sleeping disorders such as insomnia, by relaxing the body & settling the mind. 

Lavender is used to help relieve headaches (especially stress related) as well as reduce nervousness & overall anxiety. The carminative action that it has within the body can also aid in digestion & the expulsion of gas, which can be beneficial to an Aries who may suffer from gastrointestinal problems due to stress, missed meals, & a poor diet.

For the person who is always moving & on the go, blazing their own path, and probably forgetting to eat because they’re just so busy with life (hello Aries) this is for you. 

*tinctures are best consumed on a daily basis so that the herb is able to build up in your system* 

Constituents: amino acids such as GABA & Glutamine, tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, antioxidants, iron 

Actions: tonic, analgesic, nervine, hypotensive, adaptogen, spasmolytic, inflammation reducing, astringent, carminative, digestive 

Organ affinities: nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system 

Planetary affinities: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn 

  • 1oz glass amber dropper bottle 
  • Ingredients: organic Urtica urens, organic Scutellaria laterifolia, organic Passiflora incarnata, organic Withania somnifera, organic Lavandula angustifolia, organic 80 proof vodka