Butterfly wing earrings

Each pair of butterfly wings is as unique as the butterfly itself; therefore no two pairs will be identical and we believe that to be a beautiful semblance of life.  

The wings come from the species of butterfly called a Gulf fritillary, or Passion butterfly ~ aptly named because they often spend their life cycle on the Passiflora incarnata, or passionflower vine. They love to drink the nectar of the passionflowers, form their chrysalis hanging from the vine, lay their eggs on the leaves & then eat the leaves as caterpillars, and spend their whole life cycle around the passionflower. 

Each pair of butterfly wings come from a butterfly that has completed its life cycle & then was found naturally after its death. This insures that there is no harm done to any butterflies in the making of this jewelry ~ rather we seek to honor & preserve nature & the essence of the butterfly.

Because the wings are found that means that they are not an on demand item & once the pairs listed are gone we must wait patiently until we find more. The seasons may also affect this change, as the butterflies are not very active in the winter months. For these reasons it makes these earrings all the more sacred.