Welcome to Heartspace!

A community of like-minded individuals who work in harmony with each other and nature in order to truly live. What does that mean? Well, our belief is that living involves feeling the soil beneath our feet, growing our own food, collecting rainwater, making our own soaps & cleaners, and learning how to identify the native plant & animal species within our environment.

The problem is- our current world does not support this style of living, which is why we must come together and create it ourselves. In order to have the life that we strive for our work must be our living and our living our work. Heartspace makes this type of living possible. It has been created for those of us who seek to bring the village back. It allows us to live the life we so crave and takes us out of the rat race.

At Heartspace we utilize permaculture growing methods and have created a sustainable food forest where we grow 100% organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We utilize solar panels, and rain barrels, as well as compost toilets. We aim for a waste free environment and encourage living as close to the land as possible. By hosting community events, workshops, classes, and school field trips, we open our doors to show our neighbors that this way of living is possible. 

Why called Heartspace? Because that's the space that we operate from- our heart chakra. When one steps onto Heartspace they immediately feel the energy that we have lovingly created. Heartspace is a place of nurturing, healing, and guidance. To be in Heartspace is to be living in harmony with one's heart space.  Each person drawn to Heartspace has been guided for a reason, which is that they too believe in the power of community and living in harmony with one another, as well as with nature. 

This is the vision that I have and am currently working on manifesting into existence. I'm putting it out into the world so that others may read it and that the right people will see it, join in, offer help, encouragement, helping hands, networking, and pass it around. There are already communities like this popping up around the world, so let's work together to create our own right here in Florida. 

Read below for more information about my vision and the plans I've laid out to make it a reality. Again, if you feel called to help in any way then please do! Teamwork makes the dream work. Thank you!


Vision: To create a self-sustainable community that will not only be the home for myself & children, but for other like-minded families as well who would like, as well as benefit from, living in more of a community environment.


 We will work together on the land to create a food forest throughout, using permaculture methods which will allow us to grow almost all of our own food. Utilizing rain barrels, solar, hydro power, & composting… our land will be easy on the Earth & the environment. No pesticides will ever be sprayed & we will always use natural methods of living because we are striving to live in the healthiest way for ourselves, family, & future generations. 


The property will be divided - one quarter being reserved for those living there, and the rest for community events such as open-air markets, showcasing local music, classes, workshops, and camping, and glamping. This will be a haven for those who seek to live from & honor Mother Nature. For those who would like to learn more about a sustainable living environment & community & witnessing it working firsthand. For those who would like to escape from the city, corporate & materialistic world & be able to soak up the healing energy of living in alignment with nature. 


One quarter of the property will be for permanent living: three separate houses and families with food forest creating more privacy around each living space. There will be chickens roaming and a pig or two. We’ll utilize farm animals to help eat the bugs, aid in our composting, and add fertilizer to the soil. Each house will have a path that leads to the center of the housing space ~ which will be a large communal space for the times when we would like to come together. There will be a fire pit, picnic tables, pergola, means for cooking… and rain barrels will line the sides which will be how we water all our plants growing all around. We will be neighbors but also family. We will each care for the soil, the plants, the animals as though they are our own… because they are our own. We are bringing back the village mentality because it truly does take a village. We will watch each other’s children, help one another harvest, and live in harmony, sharing the load of living and lessening the burden of doing so- therefore making it more attainable to live how we dream. 


Three quarters of the property will be reserved for the community and the classes and events that we will host. Those families living on the property can choose to be a part of these events and help to run them, or they can choose not to. We aim to keep the living quarters fully separate from the event side, so there is no pressure to work if one chooses not to. 

The event side will be separated by a thick forest/ brush to further keep the sides separate and both private. 


The event side of the property will also be divided into sections. There will be a designated area for camping ~  both tent or RV/boondocking. We will keep it minimal so that the sites are spacious but private. We’ll have fire pits, outdoor showers, a play area for kids… and of course an abundance of edible plants and trees all around. The camping area will be a short walk from the community area, which will feature a large structure for classes to take place and groups to gather, as well as a large outdoor stage where we can host local musicians. The stage will have open space in front and around so we can gather the community for shows, and will still have trees around the perimeter for hammocks to hang and people to chill and enjoy the environment. Having this type of space will open so many doors for different types of community events. Not only can we offer another music venue in such a cool environment, but we can host school field trips or special performances, revive community theater, and host open air markets featuring local vendors. Our goal is to create a space for creatives to flourish. A space where we teach how to live close to the land and where we bring people together. A space that can be rented out to host wellness retreats, women’s circles, yoga classes… the possibilities are endless. 


Down a path from the community open air area will be a few secluded air bnb options. Each one will be unique and offer a fun staying experience. Imagine a sailboat that you can stay in on land… a wooden ramp that leads you up, some great deck views, an eclectic sleeping space, surrounded by fruit trees and twinkling lights. If the sailboat isn’t your thing perhaps you'd like to stay in our yurt space or our little cabin nestled amongst the trees. Each space will be worth a visit and offer a magical and fun adventure. We will of course be keeping with our theme of implementing the food forest. We want all who visit to have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Those who stay are here because they want to have a unique experience but also want to learn and be a part of something bigger. 


How it works:


I will be purchasing a 5 acre lot with an already established home on it. The first priority will be to determine where the camping area will be and focus efforts on getting that up and running so that we can begin having a source of income. We will open our camping to those who have buses or rvs and need a place to stay that is in alignment with their core values, as well as offering a nice, clean, and reasonably priced place to park. 


We will then focus on getting the food forest began by tending to the soil, building it up, creating a system of mounds, and planting diverse crops. While working on cultivating the land we will open the space up to those who wish to volunteer and have hands-on learning about farming. 


As we slowly grow our food, get our rain barrels up and working, and continue to clear space we will then open the space up for the second home to begin taking place. This may be a yurt or a tiny home… or a small bungalow depending what we have to work with and the family who chooses to live here. 


From there we will continue to build and grow every day. Working on the land, creating a sustainable environment, and getting the community space up and running so that we may begin offering seasonal festivals, markets, and live music. 


This is not an overnight dream and I understand that there will be a huge number of lessons and learning curves involved. I also understand that this vision will include permits and materials and a large amount of money invested. This is not a complete business plan but rather a brief outline of a vision that will molt and grow but will be absolutely beautiful once born. 


About me:


Hi! My name is Tabi. I am a lover of people and the human experience and believe it’s my path to heal others through teachings of the natural world. I have been working on entrepreneurial adventures for the last 7 years and have worked with many families within the community as a birth doula, postpartum support, created mom groups, community markets…and now this. I believe all roads have led me here and I am inclined to follow. I have moved myself and three kids into my parents house and am making the necessary sacrifices so this vision will happen. This is something that I am passionate about and will do what needs to be done to make happen. I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am.

Although I fully believe in myself, vision, will, and capabilities, I am putting this out into the community and asking for support. Whether that support is words of encouragement, a referral to someone who can help more, or monetary donation I am thankful. I have been working on my dreams solo for a long time and realize that there is beauty in asking for help and involving others. Reaching out does not come naturally to me and I strive to be as independent as possible, but I know that my path involves many and to create this vision I need more than just myself. So here I am; sharing my life dream with all of you so that I may receive support and lessen my load.

If you feel called to donate I deeply, deeply thank you. I created a gofund me for financial support: https://gofund.me/f3ed1a6b

If you would not like to donate but would rather invest that is an option as well and please feel free to reach out to me about that. 


*An investor would be $20K or more. Thank you! Endless gratitude.